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Beautiful Web Design plus Emergency Care is standard in our definition of business.

What We Do

Beautiful Websites + Emergency Care

We believe divine is sacred. It’s our outer most expression of who we are at our core. Be it our business, brand, or personal self; design co-exists to share with the world, who we are and what we are about.

It is our duty to sift through the noise, the myriad of services, and narrow in, on the one core thing that sets you apart from the rest.

Then, it is our job, to highlight, hone, and fine-tune this skill or service, and find a way to share it with the world.

The means in which we do this, through clean websites, catchy titles, and sleek marketing, are what we refer to as design.

Design is a process, the creative process, and our job is to make it fun with you.

About Our Founder

Kevin J. Diamond

Kevin J. Diamond was born in NY in 1991. Graduated early from Stonehill College, in Easton Massachusetts with a Graphic Design Degree, he went on to lead a nutritional supplement company in their marketing department before branching out and leading his own design firm.

From countless excursions, teaching web design to Government Departmental Staff in Anguilla, to leading business retreats in Croatia, and working with travel companies all across Central America in fine-tuning their brand; Diamond worked to establish companies, improve their presences, and up-level their business by doing one core thing clear.

Making Websites as An Extension of Yourself.

Diamond works with his team at Diamond Design Agency, to get clear on the core value set of their client, find what sets them a part from the rest, and then build a website, a brand and a vision around who they are and what they do.

He believes that when companies can display the why behind their brand, they offer an opportunity for their clientele to engage with them on a deeper level that promotes long-lasting relationships and consumer engagement.

Building websites is not what makes Diamond thrive.

Seeing clients portray a clear, online representation of themself, and their brand, while enabling them to propel their craft and create their impact in the world, is what wakes him up in the morning.

Diamond now resides in Sunny San Diego and hops between offices back and forth on the East Coast to support his clientele and serve businesses and professionals around the world.

When not designing logos, leading marketing strategies, or growing social media plans, you can find him at a local 24 hr fitness, on his audible book, re-playing the latest of his favorite leaders, CEO’s, and thought-provoking spiritual catalysts around the globe.

What We Do Best

Beautiful Websites + Emergency Care


 We only get one shot to depict who we are, share what we’re about, and emphasize our mission. This all, in a matter of a single word, an image, or an icon. We’re here to help you get it right. Help your message be heard. Connect with us today and Make a Difference.


 We make websites as a reflection of you. We know you have a big brand and a large voice. We work to emphasize and highlight your purpose so that your web presence can be an online reflection of your brand’s uniqueness. Modern and up-to-date are just the details.


 Whether we like it or not, deadlines come up, late night crunch-time occurs, and emergencies take place. We’re here to hold your hand through the tough times. Emergency fixes, urgent updates, and up-to-date care are what we do best.

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